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Are you ready to move beyond investing in the stock market? Interested in real estate investing but don’t know where to start? Nomad Capital Ventures can help you discover the benefits of passive real estate investing, and is committed to finding high-quality opportunities that deliver results. So whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or a total newbie, let us help guide you on the path to financial freedom through real estate.

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We look for high-quality real estate opportunities with the flexibility to provide hybrid rental income streams (long term, vacation rentals, and multi-family). This requires patience, analytical rigor, and a strong vision. Staying focused on quality properties ensures we’re providing above average management and higher returns.


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Family Owned

Diverse, complimentary backgrounds


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We’re 100% invested in Northeast Florida


Over $60M in assets

And we’re just getting started

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Discover the benefits of full service real estate investing with a team that treats each property like it’s our own. We know what it takes to get a property up and running from start to finish and we’re focused on quality vs quantity to provide optimal returns. Whether it’s a down to the studs renovation or a turn-key property, we’ve been through it all, and fully invested in north-east Florida. We’re former military officers with backgrounds in Wall Street, Tech, and Venture Capital, and we love real estate. Let us help guide you on the path to financial freedom.


Over 40 property renovations

We offer a value-add component


142 doors under management

Seasoned property managers


Nearly 5,000 5-star ratings

Creating beautiful rentals to maximize returns


Interested in learning more, but not ready to commit? Test the waters and stay at one of our beautiful vacation homes in Jacksonville Beach, Florida for your next vacation. We look forward to hosting you!

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